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Facebook reviews

The Importance Of Facebook Reviews For Local Business in 2022

Facebook reviews are essential for any local business since the majority of potential customers visit business pages to read reviews and check if other customers recommend them. Depending on the
grow business

Amazeful a Digital Marketing Platform

Amazeful Marketing Software Looking for ways to grow your business revenue? Then you need to invest in digital marketing. 60% of the global population uses the Internet. The current number
How to ask for referrals

How To Ask For Referrals From Happy Customers?

A referred customer usually costs less to attract and has more potential to retain. This is because of word-of-mouth marketing. It is one of the most powerful forms of advertising
google maps

5 Easy Tricks for Google Maps Optimization in 2022

Google Maps optimization should be a top priority in your marketing strategy if you want to be discovered by new local customers. It is a free tool that can help
video reviews

Collect Video Reviews With The Amazeful Platform

Competent marketers know that the most valuable asset for any business are satisfied customers.  Even if you create the most qualitative product on the market, it doesn’t mean you have

Grow Your Business With Amazeful Referrals

Launching referral marketing is one of the best things you can do for your business. It has always been a profitable and cost-effective strategy. All the biggest companies have their
yelp for business

Why Are Yelp Reviews Important For A Business?

When it comes to customers, more and more people are turning to online reviews (instead of asking a friend) to decide which product or service to purchase. Reviews are important
review request

20 Review Requests Text Examples To Build Online Reputation

To build a solid online reputation, you should work on your business reviews. They provide valuable insights from current customers and greatly influence potential customers’ purchase decisions.  Even Google encourages
local business

How To Attract More Customers To Your Local Business?

Customer acquisition might not be the easiest task, but it’s something your business needs to thrive. Clients are the basis of any business, giving you revenue and brand awareness. Even

How To Ask Clients For Google Reviews?

A clear understanding of how to get reviews on Google is essential for any business’s success. It’s a perfect way to boost search engine optimization, attract new customers and build

How to Become the #1 Real Estate Business In Your Area

Before the digital era, people asked friends and family if they could recommend a trusted real estate agent. Today the opinion of others is still important, but now customers go
local SEO

How To Improve Local SEO in 2022?

Each minute Google handles about 3.8 million searches across the globe. And 46% of searches are seeking local information. It makes sense – we’re all looking for the best products
white label marketing platform

Why Use the Amazeful White Label Marketing Platform?

A white label marketing platform is a perfect way to expand your company’s offerings without hiring people and additional training. Besides, you will save your time and get more satisfied

How to get Google Reviews?

8 Tricks to Increase Google Reviews in 2022 So, how to increase Google reviews? Increasing your Google Business reviews should be easy if the proper steps are followed up. Today
Amazeful - reputation management platform

Amazeful, the only review management platform you need?

Online reputation is essential for any business niche. It is one of the most powerful marketing assets. Today the customer journey has changed, and people go online to read and

How can Amazeful help you get more reviews?

Your business reputation will never improve if you don’t work on generating more online reviews. They can boost your local SEO, increase credibility in your business and get more revenue.

How can Amazeful help with online business reputation management?

Your business is always under the spotlight when it comes to online reputation. No matter what business you own, potential customers start their first interaction with you through an online

Social Proof: Why is it essential for your business?

Have you ever purchased a product or service after a recommendation from somebody else? That is social proof in action. People strive to fit with the rest of the crowd,

The Power of Customer Reviews for Your Dental Clinic

Today, 77% of patients go online to search out and read online reviews of dental clinics. Potential clients want to learn about the dental practice and read other patients’ experiences

How to Grow Your Business During a Pandemic

If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that everybody needs to be online. The online space is everything in these pandemic times when you’re barely allowed outside, and the only way you can really connect with people is through social media and online platforms.