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About Amazeful.

How did it all start?

Amazeful originally started as an in-house platform to manage the online marketing needs of our customers.

We realized that we were employing too many platforms and services to achieve our marketing goals. From email and SMS marketing gateways to social sharing, form builders, chat-bots, and online survey solutions, we tried them all, and they all worked. The issue was keeping track of them but most importantly, synchronizing leads and contacts between different mediums was a pain.

Then an idea was born. Let’s simplify all this as an all-in-one in-house solution to manage and monitor our customers’ online marketing needs and online reputation goals from start to finish.

Why did we choose the word Amazeful for our brand?

Once our platform matured as an in-house solution, we started seeing exceptional results for our customers.

Then we made a decision. If we release the platform to the general public, it needs to be unique and provide a wow factor at all levels, including looks, functionality, and features. Thankfully during our quest for a brand name, we stumbled over the word Amazeful.

Our mission

We aim to put Amazeful on the map as the #1 online marketing solution that offers a wide range of powerful and unique services.

We know that the key to having a successful sustainable business is to adapt as the market dictates it.

Our statement

We are confident in saying that Amazeful is the best marketing tool your business will ever need to:

  • Engage new customers and increase sales.
  • Grow and manage your online business reputation.
  • Survey and improve after-sales customer relations.
  • Increase your online business visibility.
  • Boost your website’s SEO ranking.

The team behind Amazeful

At Amazeful, we have hand-picked our team to align with our goals and mission.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and software development, we’ve experienced first-hand the .com bubble, survived the Y2K crash, and witnessed the rise of Google, eBay, and Amazon.

We strive to provide leading technologies to our clients to ensure they continually stay ahead of the competition.

Why use Amazeful for your business?

From Google review automation and lead management to in-depth reporting, Amazeful is a powerful, robust platform that will help you manage, automate and improve your business’s everyday tasks.

Ready to grow your business?

Let’s do it together with Amazeful.