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Website Widgets ⚡️

Increase engagement, collect leads, boost conversions and more. Save time and money with pre-built website widget solutions and accelerate growth.


Upgrade your website without coding.

Customize your widgets with our simple editor in seconds. A single snippet is added to your website to handle as many widgets as you want.

Select the widget for your task

Floating showcase

Showcase all your reviews in a floating style widget.

Review pop

Show one review at a time as a small pop up.

Review slider

Showcase all your reviews in a vertically sliding widget.

Wall of love

Showcase all your reviews as a wall of pure love.

Top banner

Show special offers or notifications on this top banner widget.

Embedded survey
Embed a survey directly inside your website.

Ready to bring your website to life?

Widgets to boost conversions, gather leads and increase engagement.