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Refer businesses to Amazeful and earn commission.

Enhance your marketing strategy and promote Amazeful to earn commissions.

Best in class Affiliate Program

Join the Amazeful Affiliate Partner program to earn commissions and build a partnership with an innovative company. By promoting our services, you can help other businesses grow by benefiting from a range of marketing tools and resources.

Amazeful's Affiliate Program:
A Win-Win Deal!

Affiliate rewards

Through our Affiliate Program, you can refer someone to Amazeful and receive 100% of their first month’s payment as a commission.

Referred rewards

The person or business you refer will receive a $50 account credit when they sign up for a paid monthly Amazeful plan by clicking on your Affiliate link.

See below to learn how you can start earning commission.

How the Affiliate Program works



No approval process is required for registration. Upon signing up for a free affiliate account, you’ll instantly gain access to your exclusive referral code and link.



Promote your unique referral link by sharing it with businesses that would greatly benefit from the comprehensive suite of solutions provided by Amazeful.



Earn 100% of the initial monthly subscription fee. Keep track of clicks, pending referrals, and completed referrals through your personalized dashboard.

What makes a great affiliate?

You're a marketing agency.

Introduce your clients to Amazeful and help them achieve success with our top-of-the-line marketing and messaging tools.

You've got an audience.

Have a blog, YouTube channel, strong social media following, or a captive small/medium business audience? Then, use your platform to promote Amazeful and get paid.

You just love Amazeful.

Have you already shared how much you enjoy using Amazeful with your friends, peers, and colleagues? We would like to offer you a reward as a token of our appreciation.

Check our FAQ for more information on the Affiliate Program.

Benefits you won't find elsewhere

No earning limits

There is no limit of what you can earn in one month, allowing you to generate thousands of dollars.

No minimums

No minimum payouts or metrics are needed, and you get paid from your first sale for every qualified referral.

60 day cookie

60-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credited for the sale months after you promote to your audience.

Quick payments

Start receiving your commissions as early as the first of the month after a referral becomes qualified.

Frequently asked questions


The Amazeful affiliate program is a program that allows participants to earn commissions by promoting Amazeful’s products and services to their network or audience.

Sign up

You can sign up for the Amazeful affiliate program by visiting our website and completing the registration form. Once registered, you will get access to your affiliate dashboard which contains analytics and the referral link to share with your audience.

When someone clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission on that sale.


The benefits of joining the Amazeful affiliate program include the ability to earn commissions for promoting Amazeful’s products and services, access to a range of marketing materials, and support from our team.

The affiliate link

  • A referral link is a unique link that is assigned to you when you sign up for the Amazeful affiliate program. You can share this link with your audience to promote Amazeful’s products and services and earn commissions on any resulting sales.
  • If a user clicks on another affiliate’s referral link before subscribing to Amazeful, the commission for that referral will be awarded to the affiliate whose link the user clicked last. It’s important for affiliates to encourage their audience to use their unique referral link when subscribing to Amazeful to ensure they receive credit for their referrals.
  • If a user clicks on your referral link again, the same cookie will be overwritten in their browser (restarting the 60 day tracking window), and their referral history will be updated accordingly. However, suppose the user has already subscribed to Amazeful using your previous referral link. In that case, no additional commission will be awarded from the same user for subsequent clicks on your referral link.
  • You are allowed to promote your Amazeful referral link through paid advertising as long as it complies with our terms and conditions.

Referral Cookies

When a user clicks on your unique referral link, a cookie is saved in their browser for a period of 60 days. To be eligible for commission, the referred user must subscribe to Amazeful within 60 days of clicking your referral link.


  • If a referral cancels their purchase within the first two months of the billing cycle, the corresponding commission will not be awarded.
  • If a referral cancels their purchase after two months of the billing cycle, the commission for that sale will still be honored.


  • Monthly subscribers: For each referred subscriber you’ll earn a commission equivalent to their first month’s payment.
  • Annual subscribers: You will earn a commission equivalent to the first month’s payment when your referred business opts for an annual subscription.
  • Discounts: If a referred subscriber receives a discount, your commission will be adjusted proportionally to reflect the discount percentage.
  • Referral bonus: The business you refer will also receive a $50 credit as a referral bonus on their account.


  • We do not have a minimum payout threshold that you must reach before your commissions can be paid out.
  • Commissions for qualified referrals are paid out on the 1st of every month, provided that the subscriber has stayed for at least 2 months worth of billing cycles.
  • Payment is made directly to your bank account using Wise.


You can track your referrals and earnings through your Amazeful affiliate account. This will provide you with real-time information on clicks, sales, and commissions.

  • Determining whether your audience is suitable for the Amazeful affiliate program ultimately depends on their interests and needs. Amazeful is a platform designed for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow their online presence through effective marketing strategies. If your audience consists of individuals or businesses in this niche, they may be a good fit for the Amazeful affiliate program.
  • Suitable audiences for the Amazeful affiliate program include:
    • Startups
    • E-commerce website owners
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Scaling businesses
    • Business owners
    • Marketers
    • Social media influencers in the business niche
    • Digital marketing agencies
    • Salespeople
    • Customer service teams
    • Freelance writers specializing in business topics
    • Operations managers
    • Business coaches and consultants
    • Online course creators in the business niche
    • Podcasters or YouTubers who create content around entrepreneurship or business
  • It’s important to assess your audience’s interests and needs to determine whether they would be a good fit for the Amazeful affiliate program and to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

Yes, there are certain restrictions on the Amazeful affiliate program. To maintain a fair and even playing field, there are a few restrictions.

    • New customers only: The referral program offered by Amazeful is restricted to new or first-time customers only. Existing customers or businesses are not eligible to participate in the referral program.
    • Self-referrals: Self-referrals occur when an affiliate creates an account under their own referral link in order to earn a commission on their own purchase. This is strictly prohibited and can result in the affiliate being removed from the program.
    • Using misleading or incorrect information: Affiliates must not use any misleading or incorrect information when promoting Amazeful or its products. This includes false claims or misrepresentations about the platform or any features, as well as using misleading images or testimonials.
    • Using discount coupons that are not assigned to you: Affiliates are provided with specific discount codes that they can share with their audience. Using discount codes that are not assigned to you can result in the commission being denied or the affiliate being removed from the program. It’s important to only use the discount codes that are assigned to you as an affiliate.

Engaging in these restricted activities may result in the disapproval of your affiliate commissions or the termination of our partnership.

  • To maximize your referral earnings with Amazeful, we recommend promoting our services to a relevant audience who are likely to have an interest in our platform. You can achieve this by utilizing a range of marketing channels, such as social media, email newsletters, blogs, and websites, to reach your target audience.
  • Additionally, staying up-to-date with the latest promotions and offers from Amazeful can help you generate more leads and boost your referral earnings. We regularly run promotions and discounts, which can be a great incentive for potential subscribers to sign up using your referral link.
  • Remember, the success of your affiliate marketing efforts depends largely on your ability to effectively market our services to the right audience. By taking the time to understand your audience’s needs and interests and utilizing a range of marketing strategies, you can increase your chances of earning more commissions through the Amazeful affiliate program.

Earn Commissions with Amazeful

Monetize your network and assist others in growing their businesses with the Amazeful Affiliate Program!