“How can I market my business without paid advertising?”

It can become very expensive for businesses to execute paid advertising. There are multiple other avenues you can explore when it comes to advertising your business. We’ve put together 6 ways you can market your business without paid advertising.

1. Selling through video content

Selling through video content is one of the most effective ways to sell to the younger generation (under 40’s). Studies have shown that people in this age category spend 100 minutes a day watching video content per day. This is a huge opportunity for marketing your business as long as your video grabs their attention and gives them a reason to keep watching. The main platforms displaying video content are YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

2. Increasing your social media presence

Having a social media account for all the popular platforms is the best way to really get your brand noticed. Having the same social tag for all of your accounts also helps your audience identify your business. Increasing your social media presence is essential in order to gain the attention of your target audience and being able to connect with them organically and gain your trust.

3. Using email marketing to gain leads

Email marketing is a great form of marketing if you don’t want the big corporations controlling who can and can’t see your content on a regular basis. For example, Instagram’s algorithm changes quite often and if you rely solely on Instagram for your leads and they shut down (touch wood they don’t!) then you’ll have no audience of your own. This is why you should be implementing email marketing for those just-in-case situations that could potentially cost you your entire business income.

4. Boosting your Google rankings through SEO

A good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy will allow you to connect more with your target audience and will lead to increased website traffic and organic visibility. The first Google listing receives 33% of all search traffic so I’d definitely recommend implementing an SEO strategy into your business.

5. Writing optimized blog posts

Optimizing your blog posts consists of a lot more factors than you might think. Make your blog clickable by including a catchy title or headline that will intrigue your reader. Keep the paragraphs short (like this blog you’re reading now.) Also, you should be adding links when necessary but make sure to not overdo it otherwise you’ll seem too “salesy” and people will begin to not trust you and your opinions. Writing an optimized blog post tells Google that you have a specific audience you want to attract and a niche topic.

6. Encouraging happy customers to share their experiences through reviews

There’s no better marketing than an honest review from a previous customer. Having positive reviews is the best way to grow your customer base and excel in the online space as a business. Here at Amazeful, we thrive on knowing that our platform is growing businesses every day. We automate the review process by sending gentle reminders to your customers to leave a review. If the review is positive with a high rating it will go directly to the site of your choosing, and if the review is negative it will send a private message to you so your online reputation doesn’t get damaged and you can fix the issue offline. More positive reviews essentially mean more clients for your business which then leads to more sales and continual growth for your business. This process encourages your happy customers to leave positive reviews for your business.

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