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Referral Marketing

Let your customers do the marketing for you and create a new revenue stream.


See how easy getting referrals can be.

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Multiple reward types

Advanced features


Complete monitoring

Get notified as soon as a customer accepts your offer.

From share to sale, Amazeful’s dashboard tracks shares, views, leads and redemptions.

Run multiple reward strategies to optimize for best results.

Customer sharing & tracking

Customers are given a simple interface to share via email, SMS and any social networks they use. 

Customers can track any friends or family who have used your offer and will automatically get sent their reward.


Lead gathering

All friends who accept your offer are captured as leads inside the Amazeful CRM.

Use Amazeful’s powerful tools to turn leads into customers.

Referral autopilot

Amazeful can fully automate your referral campaigns and gather new sales and leads on autopilot.

Amazeful Referrals eBook

Download our free eBook on Amazeful referrals.

Ready to let your customers do the marketing?

Kick-start your word of mouth with a referrals platform that delights.