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Amazeful's Features

Automate your online reviews with the Amazeful reputation management platform.

Submit Review with Amazeful

How it works?

Collect reviews effortlessly. Customers will find it so easy and convenient to review your business you’ll have reviews flowing in, in no time.


1. Contact customer

The customer will be sent an automated email and/or text message to review your business from the Amazeful platform.


2. Survey customer

Once the customer receives the invitation they are directed to review your business online on sites such as Google, Facebook etc.

Rapid Reviews Reputation Management Platform Dashboard

3. Monitor reputation.

View and manage all the sites you have reviews on from one simple and easy to use Amazeful dashboard.

Rapid Reviews Reputation Management Platform Dashboard
Amazeful Share Icon

4. Share the reviews

Embed reviews and testimonials on your site in no time with our easy-to-use widgets for the ultimate social proof.


Our platform fully automates the collection of your business reviews. With options to connect directly to your current systems such as your website, CRM and more.

Amazeful Features Reviews Reminders Automation and Smart Campaigns


We connect with all the sites where reviews are important for your business such as Google, Facebook and lots more.

Amazeful Features Integration with Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp

Analytics & reporting

Get in-depth reporting of your online reputation. Drill down and analyze feedback and reviews to identify trends and improve your business.

Amazeful Features Smart Reviews Analytics

Review Reminders

Automated, friendly reminders are sent to your customers ensuring a greater conversion rate and a higher chance to receive a 5 star review.

Manage Negative Reviews

Our system captures and sends negative reviews to you privately, allowing you to deal with them offline.


Fully customizable text messages and emails using our template creator allow you to brand all of your review invitations.


Website Widgets

Display your latest and greatest reviews directly on your website.

Amazeful Features Ai Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We use the latest AI technology to calculate the best time of day for people to give 5 star reviews.
Amazeful Features Reputation Monitoring

Reputation Monitoring

View and manage all your reviews in one simple and powerful dashboard and be instantly alerted when new reviews come in.
Amazeful Features Multistage Campaigns


Multistage campaigns designed to maximized opening rate and conversion.

Amazeful Features Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Automated social sharing of your best reviews on Facebook, Twitter and more.
Amazeful Features Retarget Happy Customers

Re-target Happy Customers

Remarket your products or services to your happiest customers.
Amazeful Features Reviews and Feedback Notification


Get instantly notified when a review is left for your business.

Amazeful Features Mobile Review Forms

Mobile Form

Easily collect reviews on the go with our mobile form.

Amazeful Features NFC Tap to Review

Tap to Review

Your customers can easily tap their phone or scan a code to instantly review you in store or on the go.

Try Amazeful today!

Our features are built to help your business generate more leads and sales.


average increase in revenue from reviews


average number of reviews Amazeful user get each month

“Our customers Google for our service, like our reviews, make a purchase, and then leave us a review.”

“The Amazeful reviews platform has perfected the way in which we gain reviews from customers. It has improved our bottom line drastically.”

“Clients are already sold before they even visit our store, thanks to the reviews gained from the Amazeful reviews platform.”

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